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Korea places a high premium on education and has a highly competitive education environment. Given that the Korean government is increasingly focused on equipping its workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through education, international educational institutions in Korea are well-positioned to support the initiative.

The Education Committee seeks to promote international education in Korea in order to help cultivate the next generation of Korean leaders who are globally minded.


The Education Committee serves the following objectives:

  • To examine how international schools in Korea could better prepare the Korean younger generation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • To advocate for and provide policy recommendations on further expansion of international schools and liberalisation of foreign schools in Korea


  • BCCK Membership: To participate in the Education Committee, interested schools and companies are required to be a BCCK membership
  • The Committee consists of the following companies and organisations:
    • BCCK member companies in education
    • BCCK Policy Programme representatives
    • External experts
  • The Education Committee meets on quarterly basis to discuss research objectives, key milestones, and initiatives for the year.
  • Chairperson: Graeme Salt, Headmaster, Dulwich Seoul
  • For more information, please contact
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