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The Automotive Committee serves the following objectives:

  • To discuss Brexit-related news and current regulations surrounding the automotive industry in Korea.
  • To provide a mechanism to raise regulatory issues facing the committee members and establish a unified position on the issues.
  • To facilitate exchanges of views between the Committee members and relevant Korean policymakers and agencies.


  • To participate in the Auto Committee, interested companies are required to join BCCK membership at a Patron level at minimum. Companies domiciled abroad without a local presence in Korea are required to be a BCCK membership at the Overseas Corporate Membership level to join the Committee.
  • The Auto Committee consists of the following companies and organisations:
    • Sector companies from the UK
    • Companies with a significant UK presence
    • BCCK Policy Programme representatives
  • The Committee meets on a quarterly basis to discuss pertinent market access issues, host speaker events and roundtable discussions with policymakers, and to share industry best practices.


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