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The Legal Services Committee has been created to promote liberalisation of the Korean legal market post-Brexit. The Committee functions as a mechanism to promote UK-Korea trade and to enhance operational efficiency of law firms while working in close partnerships with local industry stakeholders.


The Legal Services Committee serves the following objectives:

  • To identify and discuss issues of concern to BCCK members relating to laws, regulations, judiciary, corporate governance, transparency, ethics, and the legal profession in Korea. The Committee will provide a mechanism to bring pressing legal and regulatory issues to the attention of the BCCK members.
  • To provide a forum for foreign law firms that have significant business interests in Korea in order to promote and discuss key legal, political, economic, and regulatory issues impacting the sector.
  • To support further liberalisation of the Korean legal market through dialogue and engagement with the UK and Korean government stakeholders.
  • To build and sustain enduring partnerships with local industry representative organisations such as the Foreign Law Firm Association, Korean Bar Association, Ministry of Justice and other organizations and bodies, including the In-House Counsel Forum and Korea In-house Counsel Association, to continually advance jurisprudence and legal services in Korea.


  • To participate in the Education Committee, interested schools and companies are required to be a BCCK membership
  • The Committee consists of the following companies and organisations:

i. Law firms from the UK
ii. Law firms from other countries with a UK presence
iii. BCCK Policy Programme representatives
iv. External legal counsel

  • Chairperson: DK Donghyun Kim, Senior Associate, DLA Piper
  • For more information, please contact
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