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The Defence & Aerospace (D&A) Committee has been established to represent business interests of defence and aerospace companies with significant presence in the UK and Korea. The Committee functions as one of the main mechanisms that support and interface between the Korean government and UK officials on key issues affecting the Committee members.


The D&A Committee serves the following objectives:

  • To provide a forum for defence and aerospace companies which have significant business interests in Korea in order to promote and discuss key political, economic, and industrial issues impacting those sectors.
  • To support defence and aerospace trade, investment and exports through dialogue and engagement with UK and Korean government stakeholders. Issues to be addressed include but are not limited to joint research and development; offset policy and technology transfer; “Team UK offers’; and third country exports.
  • To enhance industry collaboration with BCCK member companies and the Korean counterparts in close partnership with government agencies including Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA).
  • To build and sustain enduring partnerships with local industry representative organisations such as the Korean Defense Industry Association (KDIA).


  • To participate in the D&A Committee, interested companies are required to be a BCCK member at the Patron level at minimum. Companies domiciled abroad without a local presence in Korea are required to be a BCCK member at the Overseas Corporate Membership level to join the Committee.
  • The Defence & Aerospace Committee consists of the following companies and organisations:
    • Sector companies from the UK
    • Companies with a significant UK presence
    • British Embassy Seoul representatives
    • BCCK Policy Programme representatives
  • The Committee meets on a quarterly basis to discuss pertinent market access issues, to host speaker events and roundtable discussions with policymakers, and to share industry best practices.


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