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Advocacy & Research

Core Advocacy Principle

The BCCK will base its overall advocacy efforts upon the following principles, which it believes are vital to further develop commerce between the UK and Korea, promote the interests of British companies and members, and improve the international business environment in Korea.

  • Free Market Principles
  • Level Playing Field
  • Transparent and Fair Process
  • Global Best Practices
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Solutions-Based Recommendations
  • UK-Korea Economic Integration

Program Objectives

  • Represent member companies’ business interests externally to improve the international business environment in Korea;
  • Facilitate the exchange of views on key public policy issues between member companies and the Korean and UK governments;
  • Advocate for the implementation of policies that will create meaningful business opportunities for members;
  • Enhance the members’ market intelligence and understanding of the Korean regulations affecting their business.

Advocacy Pillars

  • UK-Korea Economic Partnership: Ensuring a close trading relationship between the UK and Korea post-Brexit.
  • Digital Economy: Focusing on implications of digital transformation on services and retail sectors of the Korean economy.
  • Workforce Productivity: Improving workforce productivity and innovation and enhancing labour flexibility.

Regulatory Research

The BCCK also provides regulatory research service to its member companies across various industries. The following insights are provided:

  • Regular monitoring and horizon-scanning of relevant Korean regulations
  • Periodic newsletter/report based on the regular monitoring and horizon-scanning
  • In-depth research and analysis on ad-hoc regulatory issues

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