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About the BCCK

Formed in 1977, the British Chamber of Commerce in Korea (BCCK) is a non-profit organization that represents the business interests of its 450+ members in Korea. The Chamber represents a broad spectrum of British, international and Korean companies, which share significant commercial interests in the country. The Chamber works together with the British government to promote British trade, commerce and investment in Korea and to provide trade support services to British companies seeking to enter the market.

The mission of the BCCK is to promote the development of British trade, commerce and investment in Korea; to represent the opinion of the British business community in Korea on trade, commerce, finance and other industries; to help create a better understanding between the Korean and British business communities; and to provide business and networking opportunities to members.

Objectives of the BCCK

The BCCK aims to:

  • To promote our members’ interests with government and business bodies in Korea and the UK and thereby to be recognized as an authoritative voice for international business in Korea.
  • To create rewarding opportunities for our members to network in business, cultural and lifestyle contexts.
  • To promote British and Korean trade through its business services.


The BCCK is a membership-based organisation with over 330 members, of which approximately 25% are Korean. The Chamber operates under the direction of an Executive Committee which meets on a monthly basis. The Executive Committee is comprised of representatives from 12 corporate members plus three ex-officio members from the British Embassy, the British Council and Visit Britain. The day-to-day management of the Chamber is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer and his/her staff.


The BCCK has a number of activities it carries out in order to fulfill its aims.

The Breakfast Workshops are a forum where specific topics of interest to members are discussed in detail. A maximum of 18 members attend these workshops in order to ensure a lively debate in which everyone can participate. An individual experienced in the topic under discussion leads the workshops.

The Business Luncheon is the most formal of our networking events. We invite a well-known speaker to address the gathering. These speakers are drawn from South Korean or British business associations, companies, and diplomatic communities.

Our Networking Nights are informal evening gatherings to allow for social and business networking among BCCK members. These gatherings typically have a special theme ranging from ‘pub night’ and ‘garden party’ to ‘cocktail evening’. Each event has sponsors who are given an opportunity to promote their company, products or services during the evening.

Charities the BCCK Supports

Angels' Haven

Founded in 1959, Angels’ Haven was originally founded to help children orphaned by the Korean War. As those children grew up, however, the organisation realised a growing need to work with communities. In 2012, Angels’ Haven launched a program to promote ongoing care for children, families, and communities worldwide. Angels’ Haven’s support network now includes nurseries, youth centres, senior welfare centres and group homes.

Myongdo Welfare Center

Established in 1992, Myongdo Welfare Center, located in the southern city of Mokpo, supports the needs of over 700 children and adults with various learning disabilities. The centre aims to provide services for children and adults with disabilities that reflect individual needs and choice while empowering them to become active and valued members of their communities.  The centre offers a number of services for the community including speech therapy, art therapy, computer education, and day care. 

Chevening Scholarship

The BCCK Chevening Scholarship is carried out in conjunction with the UK government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders. This scholarship offers a unique opportunity for future  leaders,  influencers, and decision-makers from all  over  the  world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK. The BCCK sends a Korean graduate student from a discipline related to business every year.

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