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General Benefits


BCCK membership allows you privileged access to a high-profile business network in Korea and a wide-range of business support and advocacy services that all contribute to stronger trade relations between the UK and Korea. By becoming a member, you will join an internationally recognised organisation that is a professional and social network consisting of 330 members in Korea and the UK.

The BCCK membership is active in a wide variety of sectors and include large firms as well as small and medium-sized companies. Please click on the support/service that you are interested in below to learn more. More information about our membership categories can be found here.


The BCCK makes it a priority eliminate barriers that impede members’ entry and presence in the Korean market.

 Event Management Services

The BCCK offers support for members in Korea that aim to strengthen their brand recognition through an event or campaign.

Networking Events

The BCCK hosts frequent events to provide networking opportunities for British, international and Korean companies to interact with each other.

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Sponsorship & Advertising

Members can increase local brand awareness by sponsoring an event or using one of the BCCK’s marketing platforms.


The BCCK places particular importance in eliminating barriers in Korea that may impede business for its members. The Chamber actively investigates barriers to business in Korea and utilizes its wide network within the Korean government to bring market entry issues to the attention of relevant government ministries and organizations in short notice.

The Chamber works with volunteers from member corporations, the British Embassy Seoul, and other partners to develop and implement policy on major issues affecting business in Korea. Specifically, we aim to do the following:

  • Represent member companies’ business interests and opinions to strengthen and improve the business environment in Korea by building strong relationships with the Korean government and local government agencies;
  • Facilitate the exchange of views and opinions of key business/economic issues between member companies and the Korean government via seminars, workshops, and other channels of communication;
  • Help member companies deepen their understanding of Korean regulations affecting their business;
  • Impact and participate in the Korean government’s formulation of economic policy affecting member companies’ business in Korea by actively providing opinions, feedback, and comments on the policymaking process;
  • Engage with local government agencies to identify business opportunities for member companies

Event Management Services

The BCCK can arrange brand promotion events and campaigns for companies in Korea that increase brand awareness and engagement to new and existing customer bases. BCCK members receive discounted rates for these services.

Click below for more information about these services, companies the BCCK has assisted in the past, and testimonials about our services.

Sponsorship & Advertising


Members can spread brand awareness by sponsoring one or multiple BCCK events throughout the year. The BCCK holds regular networking events along with two major annual events that include the Queen’s Birthday Ball (QBB) and the Annual Christmas Lunch.

Click below for more information about sponsorship opportunities.


Members can advertise at discounted rates through four BCCK platforms including:

  • The BCCK website (
  • The BCCK newsletter/Webzine
  • eDMs
  • The BCCK Membership Directory

Click below for more information on these platforms and advertising costs.

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