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Advocacy Program

Recognising that a successful Government Relations program requires a keen understanding of the internal and external networks as well as their respective interests, the BCCK will follow a methodical approach in designing its advocacy strategy.

I. Market Access Committee (the “Committee”)

a. The Market Access Committee (the “Committee”), under the supervision of the Executive Committee, will act as the main vehicle through which the BCCK member companies discuss key market access issues and agree on advocacy strategy.

b. The Committee will consist of executive members elected by the BCCK Executive Committee on an annual basis; a British Embassy representative; a legal representative; Government Relations (GR) representatives of select member companies; and the BCCK GR personnel.

c. The Committee will meet quarterly and will discuss market access issues across industries. It will also ensure there is no conflict among various subcommittees in terms of their policy positions.

II. Market Access Subcommittees

a. Based on member companies’ needs, the BCCK will create a number of Subcommittees that are either sectoral or issue-specific.

b. Each subcommittee will consist of Government Relations representatives from interested member companies and a legal representative. For reasons of sustainability and impact, a minimum of five member companies is required to form a subcommittee. Subcommittee members will meet on a regular basis to discuss market access issues in depth, develop advocacy strategy, and organize relevant events.

c. Each subcommittee will be funded with its own budget to organize events throughout the year.

III. Bespoke Service

a. The BCCK could also offer individualized advocacy service to certain member companies on a needs basis. This bespoke service is available for select premium member companies that do not have a sufficient quorum to form a subcommittee or require advocacy service for a company-specific needs.

IV. BCCK Thought Leadership Forum

a. BCCK will organize high-impact speaker events to engage stakeholders on key issues shaping the Korean market.

For more information, please contact Eunha Clare Kim.

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