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Special Breakfast – Road to Peace?: Implications of Second Trump-Kim Summit

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The BCCK will be hosting a Special Breakfast on March 27 featuring Dr. Andrei Lankov from Kookmin University, Dr. Seong-hyon Lee from the Sejong Institute, and Dr. John Delury from Yonsei University to discuss the implications of the second US-North Korea summit. The session will be moderated by BBC Correspondent Laura Bicker. The speakers will discuss:


  • * An analysis of North Korea’s peaceful gesture towards the Moon and Trump administrations;
  • * How the Trump administration’s domestic agenda and its trade war with China could impact the outcome of the US-North Korea summit;
  • * Implications of the Chinese government under Xi and its policy towards North Korea;
  • * An outlook for denuclearization of North Korea.



Dr. Seong-Hyon Lee, Sejong Institute

Lee Seong-hyon public pic 2018Seong-Hyon Lee is a graduate from Grinnell College, Harvard University, and Tsinghua University (Ph.D. in political communication). He was the 2013-14 Pantech Fellow of Stanford University. Currently, Dr. Lee is also Senior Fellow (nonresident) at the Center for Korean Peninsula Studies at Peking University. He has written extensively on the relations between the U.S., China and Korea. His comments and columns appear

ed at CNN, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Al Jazeera, Foreign Policy, China’s CCTV, Phoenix TV, among others. He writes bi-weekly columns at The Korea Times. He lived in Beijing for 11 years. His research interests include: Chinese Press and Foreign Policy, Sino-North Korea Relations, China-U.S.-North Korea Relations, and Sino-U.S. Relations.






Dr. Andrei Lankov, Kookmin University

Andrei-Lankov-2-456x700-85Andrei Nikolaevich Lankov is a Russian scholar of Asia and a specialist in Korean studies. Dr. Lankov completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Leningrad State University in 1986 and 1989, respectively; he also attended Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung University in 1985. Following his graduate studies, he taught Korean history and language at his alma mater, and in 1992 went to South Korea for work; he moved to Australia in 1996 to take up a post at the Australian National University, and moved back to Seoul to teach at Kookmin University in 2004. Dr. Lankov has a DPRK-themed Livejournal blog in Russian with occasional English posts, where he documents aspects of life in North (and South) Korea, together with his musings and links to his publications. He also writes columns to the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other major news outlets.






Dr. John Delury, Yonsei University

John DeluryJohn Delury is Associate Professor of Chinese Studies at Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies and Underwood International College in Seoul, South Korea. He follows Korean Peninsula affairs closely, having lived in South Korea since 2010 and visited North Korea four times. He contributes regularly to reputable publications such as Foreign Affairs, 38 North, The New York Times and Washington Post. Dr. Delury is a senior fellow at the Asia Society, Pacific Century Institute and China Policy Institute, adjunct fellow at the Center on Strategic and International Studies, and a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, National Committee on North Korea, and National Committee on US-China Relations. He briefly taught at Brown, Columbia, and Peking Universities, and served as founding associate director of Asia Society’s Center on US-China Relations in New York from 2008-2010. He received his BA, MA and PhD in history from Yale University.






Laura Bicker, BBC

Laura BickerLaura Bicker is the BBC’s Seoul correspondent currently based in South Korea. Prior to this, she was Washington correspondent and before that she was based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Laura has worked in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle during her 18 years career at the BBC.

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