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[BCCK MEMBER NEWS] GFEZ Industrial Inspection Tour 2019

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[BCCK MEMBER NEWS] GFEZ Industrial Inspection Tour 2019

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Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone(GFEZ) Authority is a governmental organization to promote the investment of foreign and domestic companies in the fields of logistics, manufacturing related to the steel and fine-chemical, R&D, high-technology and tourism & leisure. We also provide administrative services for the companies to invest in the Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone that encompasses areas lying within Gwangyang-si, Yeosu-si, Suncheon-si in Jeollanam-do and Hadong-gun in Gyeongsangnam-do(province).

We, GFEZ Authority, cordially invite the members of Foreign CCIs in Korea to 『GFEZ Industrial Inspection Tour 2019– Spring』. The participants will look around four industrial complexes, Gwangyang Container Port and take a boat tour for the sea-side view of POSCO Gwangyang Steelworks and Gwangyang Port. Through this event the participants will get further information of GFEZ’s industrial strengths and business friendly circumstances in this region.

Date and Venue

▶April 9 ~ April 10 2019, Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone



April 9


08:35 09:35 From Gimpo Airport to Yeosu Airport
09:35 10:05 From Yeosu Airport to GFEZ Authority
10:05 12:00 Explanatory meeting in GFEZ Authority
12:00 13:00 Luncheon with Commissioner Mr. Kim Kabsub
13:00 15:50 Site Tour of Sepoong/Yulchon/Haeryong Industrial complex
15:50 17:40 Suncheon Bay National Garden
17:40 18:00 Move to a restaurant
18:00 19:20 Dinner with General Director Mr. Kim yunsik
19:20 19:50 Move to a Hotel
April 10


09:00 09:10 Move to YGPA
09:10 09:40 Visitors Center in YGPA
09:40 10:30 Boat Tour of GY Port and POSCO Gwnagyang Steelworks
10:30 11:00 Move to Daesong Indstrial complex
11:00 11:40 Site Tour of Daesong industrial complex
11:40 12:00 Move to a restaurant
12:00 13:00 Luncheon
13:00 14:00 Move to Suncheon station
14:00 Return to Seoul by KTX

All Participants will receive transportation, accommodation and meals. There is no participating fee.

Contact person in GFEZ Authority

Mr. Taehyung Park, 061 760 5651,

Mr. Jungguk Lee, 061 760 5654,


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